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For anyone seeking tranquility, walks, wildlife or history, look no further. Extremadura ranks as one of the few remaining treasures in Western Europe.

With a size of 41.000 m2 equivalent to Switzerland yet a population of just over 1 million the Extremadura offers vast areas of uninterrupted landscape in all directions beneath star lit skies. The principal municipalities of Badajoz, Caceres, Merida, Plasencia and Trujillo all reflect the provinces historic past.

Framed to the North and East by mountain ranges, bordered on the West by Portugal the rolling, tree studded plains known as ‘Dehesa’ disturbed only by rocky outcrops and river valleys the Extremadura is a paradise of Flora and Fauna, a gateway to the past and peaceful oasis outside the chaos and confusion of the modern world.

Today the dehesas are home to Cork and Holm Oak, rare and endangered species of bird such as the Imperial Eagle, Black Stork, Vultures and a multitude of other birds and animals come, go and return in harmony with the careful cycle of land management that has through millenia formed this unique and unspoilt environment.