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The House

Casa Salto del Caballo, situated in the small village of La Fontañera, offers stunning views towards the Natural Park Serra de São Mamede and the Castle of Marvão in the Alto Alentejo of Portugal. For this is a historic building dated from the late `19th century with the added bonus of having some unique characteristics: Firstly, it is slap bang on the Spanish Portuguese border. You can literally come in from the Spanish side and walk out through the other doors onto the magnificent São Mamede Natural Park in Portugal.

Not surprisingly, this strategic position has lent it a past always connected to the smuggling trade between Portugal and Spain.Up until 1992, when the borders opened mainly coffee and leather boots, but also bread, garlic or whatever was wanted on the other side was smuggled. As the front entrance is in Spain and the backdoor opens onto Portugal, it was a “casa de la duda” – a house in no-man’s land. Ultimately the Spanish ended the confusion by incorporating the whole property officially into Spain.

For your holiday in two countries, our family-run guesthouse offers 2 self-catering apartments, where the names reflect the history of the house: apartment “Portugal” and apartment “Spain”.

You can book either accommodation at a reduced rate for 2 people or, if you prefer not to self-cater, book as a B&B bedroom. You can book an evening meal, are very welcome to eat in our communal dining-/breakfast room or on the terrace. I would be happy to cook whatever you like, vegetarian, traditional or Spanish.

Enjoy your holiday in an authentically rural place. Family-run, family-friendly and you will be welcomed all year round, pets as well without extra charge. A small library and satellite TV as well as ADSL internet is available in our communal TV-room.

The patio formed by the two main buildings, provides several shady or sunny sitting-areas. There are sun lounges around the pool and 2 barbecues available.

Tailor made Spanish language lessons can be arranged with a qualified native Spanish teacher.